Application Data Overview

Advanced MIS contains all list, item, user and hierarchy data in your Talis Aspire tenancy.

The data is a replica - not live data - and is pushed to the data warehouse and reformatted to optimise for management reporting. Data can either be automatically or manually pushed, see the Pushing Content topic for more information.

Part of the refactoring for management reporting involves:

Refer to the data dictionary topics below to discover how to use the different entities in the warehouse:

Entity Description Fact Table Name
Lists Reading list data f_rl_lists
Items Reading list item data f_rl_items
Users Reading list user records f_rl_users
Rollovers Reading list rollover data f_rl_list_rollover_relationships
Digitisations Copyright cleared request data f_dc_requests

WARNING: Because this is a beta service, the data dictionary is subject to change. For that reason always refer to column names directly in your SQL statements, not column positions.

TODO list

This service is in beta. The current todo list for Application Data is: