Third party tools

This article explains what a third party tool is, how to select them and how they are supported.

Third party tools are used to query and format information from Advanced MIS. Some tools are more low level than others, such as low-level SQL Clients (e.g. TablePlus) and require SQL programming knowledge to operate.

Others, such as reporting tools (e.g. Tableau) are much more high-level with intuitive point and click interfaces.

Your choice of tool depends on the task you are trying to achieve. Get in touch with us if you are having trouble deciding which kind of tool would be right for you.

Advanced MIS can work with any third party tool that supports a connection to Amazon Redshift, which is the underlying database technology. Amazon Redshift is also PostgreSQL 8 compatible, so some tools designed to work with PostgreSQL may also work.

Please note that Talis can’t provide end-user feature support for third party tools. For example, we can’t advise on the best way to format a chart or prepare a dashboard - you’ll need to contact the third party vendor for that. However, we can advise you on how to make best use of your data, or on specific connection problems to the Advanced MIS warehouse (such as username/password questions).