Elevate Resources

Elevate Resources
Elevate resources used for teaching. This table can be used to add context to events happening on Talis Elevate resources.
Database location

Note: The Talis Elevate resource concept should not be confused with the concept of a resource in Reading Lists. They are entirely different things!


Column Name Datatype Description Example
resource_id VARCHAR(64) The Talis ID of the resource. Can be used to link this view with events. fhf7jfohifnfwwoif
title VARCHAR(255) The title of the resource A Diagram of the spleen
format VARCHAR(64) The format of the resource video
source VARCHAR(64) The source of the resource ingested
uploaded_by VARCHAR(64) Talis user ID of the person uploading the resource myoVK7wfosXXWlw
inst VARCHAR(255) The tenant short code broadminster
date_created TIMESTAMP Date created. Timezone is UTC 2016-01-12 00:00:00.0
year_date_created INTEGER Year of date created 2018
month_date_created INTEGER Month of date created 12
week_date_created INTEGER ISO 8601 week, note Monday is the start of the ISO 8601 week, values 1-53 52
dow_date_created INTEGER Day of week, values 0-6, Sunday is 0 5
isbn VARCHAR(255) The ISBN of the resource, this will only be set for SAGE Catalyst Textbooks  

WARNING: The data dictionary is subject to change. For that reason always refer to column names directly in your SQL statements, not column positions.