Hierarchy Parents

Hierarchy Parents
A mapping between a hierarchy node and its immediate parents
Database location

This view contains a mapping from a node to one or more parent nodes. It is an expansion of the semi-colon delimited string in the f_rl_hierarchy.parent_url column.

The maximum number of parents that this view will show is 100, though there is no enforced limit in Talis Aspire itself. The number of children a node can have is unlimited. If this reasonable default causes you any issues in querying the table, do let us know through our support channels.

A parent in this view is the immediate parent of the node in the url column, and not its grandparents. Use the f_rl_hierarchy_descendents view if you need all nodes below a parent.


Column Name Datatype Description Example
url VARCHAR(4096) Canonical URL of the hierarchy node  
parent_url VARCHAR(4096) Canonical URL of the parent node  

WARNING: The data dictionary is subject to change. For that reason always refer to column names directly in your SQL statements, not column positions.