A mapping between an ISBN like identifier and the items the identifier appears on. Also provides some extra filter columns for list status, digitisation presence and item importance.
Database location

This view contains a mapping from an ISBN to the Item it relates to, and includes some additional convenience columns with details of the item in question.

You can use this view as a lookup table to find all items with some given ISBN. So if you have a set of data from a EBA or PDA supplier, you can lookup each of those in this table and find out which items might need some metadata changes.


Column Name Datatype Description Example
isbn VARCHAR(255) an ISBN10, ISBN13, ISSN or eISSN 012345678X
item_url VARCHAR(4096) Canonical URL of the item  
importance VARCHAR(255) The importance of the item Essential
digitisation_id VARCHAR(255) The request id of the digitisation 54321
digitisation_status VARCHAR(32) Whether the digitisation is LIVE or EXPIRED etc. LIVE
list_url VARCHAR(4096) Canonical URL of the item DE53F159-8AE9-F8D4-6518-263DED7D56E9
list_status VARCHAR(255) The status of the list, Published, Archived, etc Draft
tenant VARCHAR(255) The thenant short code broadminster

WARNING: The data dictionary is subject to change. For that reason always refer to column names directly in your SQL statements, not column positions.