What can the data available in Advanced MIS tell me?

Below are a whole bunch of things you could try. Each recipe gives you:


Digitisation View Events reading lists, student activity, copyright clearance, digitisations

A look at events which can be used to track digitisation views.

Talis Elevate Metrics elevate, metrics, dashboards

Some high level Talis Elevate metrics for use in a dashboard

ISBN File Matching reading lists, Item Metadata, EBA, PDA

Match a file of ISBNs from a supplier to your reading lists collection.

Item Importances reading lists, Item Importances

Explore how importances are used in your reading lists.

List Activity analytics, stats, user behaviour,

Working with list events to understand list activity

List Owner Notifications reading lists, academic engagement, notifications

Get user details to help build notification emails or contact lists for list owners

Lists by number of items reading lists, items, list analytics, list quality

Get information on lists and modules by the number of items or sections they contain.

Talis Aspire Metrics reading lists, metrics, dashboards

Some high level Talis Aspire metrics for use in a dashboard

One to Many Relationships reading lists, Power BI, How to

How to handle many to many relationships in Power BI.

Reading Intentions reading lists, student activity, learning analytics

Use reading intentions to show whether students are interacting with lists. Find out which students are interacting with which lists for use in retention metrics.

User Matching users, identity, reading lists, elevate

A look at methods of linking data in Advanced MIS with external systems

Create your own tables data storage, data analysis, create tables

Strategies for adding custom data tables into your Advanced MIS instance.

Working With The Hierarchy reading lists, hierarchy

Explore how you can query up or down the hierarchy.