Hierarchy Descendants

Hierarchy Descendants
A mapping between a hierarchy node and its eventual descendants
Database location

This view is useful for comprising rollups of hierarchy data between levels. For a given starting node, you can query back all the eventual descendants within the hierarchy tree.

For example, let’s consider a three level hierarchy, structured departments -> courses -> modules. This view would allow you to discover all modules for a given department, and then link onto other views such as f_rl_lists or even onward to f_rl_items in order to say find a resource type count by department.

Note that the top level of every hierarchy is the institution (of which every node is a descendant) and that this view only supports up to five levels of depth:

  1. Children
  2. Grand children
  3. Great grand children
  4. Great great grand children
  5. Great great great grand children


Column Name Datatype Description Example
url VARCHAR(4096) Canonical URL of the hierarchy node  
descendant_url VARCHAR(4096) Canonical URL of the descendant node  

WARNING: The data dictionary is subject to change. For that reason always refer to column names directly in your SQL statements, not column positions.