Reading List Users

Reading list user data. Only users who have a user profile in Talis Aspire will have an entry in this view. It is therefore possible for users in events to not have a match with users in this view. Be careful when joining event data with user data.
Database location


Column Name Datatype Description Example
first_name VARCHAR(255) User’s first name Abigail
surname VARCHAR(255) User’s surname Baker
name VARCHAR(255) The name of the user Abigail Baker
profile_url VARCHAR(4096) Canonical URL of the user’s profile. Can be used to join to other tables which reference a user URL.  
email VARCHAR(4096) User’s email address
job_role VARCHAR(255) User-selected job role An academic
profile_privacy VARCHAR(255) Whether or not user’s profile can be browsed by non-admin users, permitted values are public, private public
aspire_role VARCHAR(255) Semi-colon seperated lists of Aspire roles List publisher; Library Acquisitions
last_login TIMESTAMP Date and time when the user last logged in. Timezone is UTC 2016-01-12 00:00:00.0
year_last_logged_in INTEGER Year of when the user last logged in 2018
month_last_logged_in INTEGER Month of when the user last logged in, values 1-12 12
week_last_logged_in INTEGER ISO 8601 week of when the user last logged in, note Monday is the start of the ISO 8601 week, values 1-53 52
dow_last_logged_in INTEGER Day of week of when the user last logged in created, values 0-6, Sunday is 0 5
saml_user_id VARCHAR(255) SAML ID (persistent ID) sent to us by the single sign on solution to uniquely identify this user. Useful for linking to other non-Talis institutional user data
talis_guid VARCHAR(255) Talis user ID to link to other non-reading list Talis data myoVK7wfosXXWlw

WARNING: The data dictionary is subject to change. For that reason always refer to column names directly in your SQL statements, not column positions.