Entity Relationship Diagram

There are a lot of things within the Talis Aspire eco system! The diagram at the bottom of this page represents the key relationships between the main tables in the Advanced MIS database.


In order to interpret the diagram it is useful to know the type of relationship between two tables. These are expressed as follows.

(left) (right) Meaning
|o o| Zero or one
|| || Exactly one
}o o{ Zero or more (no upper limit)
}| |{ One or more (no upper limit)

Labels on relationships indicate where there is a reliance on a particular key being present.


We have not listed all attributes of a table, only those that can be used as either primary or foreign keys.

erDiagram %% relationships with dotted lines are non-identifying %% note that order in which items are specified can have a direct effect on rendering output %% Crossed lines in the diagram can sometimes be resolve by swapping order of the relationship definitions f_rl_lists { string url string list_guid string hierarchy_url string owner_url } f_rl_lists ||..o{ f_rl_hierarchy : hierarchy_url f_rl_lists ||..o{ f_event_timeseries_XXhr : list_guid f_rl_lists ||..o{ f_rl_users : owner_url f_rl_lists ||..o{ f_rl_items : list_guid f_rl_items { string item_guid string has_container } f_rl_items ||..o{ f_event_timeseries_XXhr : item_guid f_rl_isbn_link { string isbn string item_url string digitisation_id string list_url } f_rl_isbn_link }o..o{ f_rl_lists : list_url f_rl_isbn_link }o..o{ f_rl_items : item_url f_rl_isbn_link }o..o{ f_dc_requests : digitisation_id f_event_timeseries_XXhr { string event_class timestamp time_window string dimension_1 string dimension_2 string dimension_3 string dimension_4 } f_rl_users { string profile_url string talis_guid string saml_user_id } f_rl_users ||..o{ f_event_timeseries_XXhr : talis_guid f_elevate_users |o..o| f_rl_users : talis_guid f_rl_hierarchy { string url } f_rl_hierarchy }o--o{ f_rl_hierarchy_descendants : url f_rl_hierarchy }o--o{ f_rl_hierarchy_parents : url f_rl_hierarchy_parents { string url string parent_url } f_rl_hierarchy_descendants { string url string descendant_url } f_dc_requests { string digitisation_id string item_guid } f_dc_requests ||..|| f_rl_items : item_guid f_dc_requests ||..o{ f_event_timeseries_XXhr : digitisation_id f_elevate_modules { string module_id string created_by } f_elevate_users |o..o| f_elevate_modules : created_by f_event_timeseries_XXhr }o..|| f_elevate_modules : module_id f_elevate_resources { string resource_id string uploaded_by } f_elevate_users |o..o| f_elevate_resources : uploaded_by f_event_timeseries_XXhr }o..|| f_elevate_resources : resource_id f_elevate_module_resource_link { string module_id string resource_id } f_elevate_module_resource_link ||--o{ f_elevate_modules : module_id f_elevate_module_resource_link ||--o{ f_elevate_resources : resource_id f_elevate_users { string talis_guid }