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An application only exists if it is monitored.

Status Checks

Applications where possible should expose a status endpoint for internal monitoring, this status endpoint should expose the current health of the application.

External Monitoring

An external monitoring function should exist where applicable, and this should exercise a function of the application that is not just a landing page.

Real User Monitoring

Apdex, transactional, and where applicable Browser monitoring should be in place to identify performance degradation.

Auto User monitoring

Synthetic checks should be continually executed against the application at an interval of around five minutes. The checks should execute user defined functions and can be either at the API or Browser level. In the event of a check failing, appropriate alerting should be triggered.

Non Listening Services

Example of monitoring for non listening services:

  • Check that process is running
  • Actively check metrics produced by the service, such as queue length and the number of running processes
  • Monitor the effect of the service not running such as data alteration
  • Check for log file output