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Code Style


We don’t have a specific style for our code. We do, however, have some principles:

  1. If we agree a code-style for a project, document it with the project.
  2. If a documented code-style exists for a project, please follow it; if not, follow the style of the code being changed.
  3. Prefer clarity over brevity.
  4. Prefer types, meaningfully-named, and meaningfully-structured code over code-commentary.
  5. Automate checking of code-style wherever possible.

Non-code style

Project code is only part of what our engineering team produces, and it is important to remember that the process for creating code is also worthy of careful curation. In particular, we should take equal care of our issues, pull-requests, and source-control history.

Our principles around non-code are:

  1. Pull-requests and source-control commits should be self-contained (i.e. not solely a link to somewhere else).
  2. Pull-requests and source-control commits should accurately describe the changes to which they are attached.